California Schnoodles & Sheepadoodles Testmonials

“These dogs are smart, loving, whimsical, and a part of our family. I swear, if we put the work in, they could be therapy dogs. They learn potty training quick, are eager to please, and love to cuddle.
The pick-up process is magical, with a picturesque backdrop of cows and newborn goats and tons of green land for the dogs to run around.
If you want to feel good about where you are getting your puppies from and know that they were loved and cared for properly, this is the place.
They also are open to helping offer training advice if a problem ever comes up and you need some direction like I did with my first dog, which I really have appreciated. I couldn’t say enough good things about getting puppies through California Schnoodles and Sheepadoodles.”

-Gorgonzola the Giant Schnoodle

“Beth and Eric are such wonderful and kind people. They raise great dogs on a wonderful little farm. We picked up Maverick 1 month ago and he is by far the smartest dog we have ever had. In the first 24 hours of having him he learned to sit and lie down. Potty training was also a breeze. He is a very sweet puppy and has needed no leash training, just sticks right to your side like glue.

Looking forward to watching our pup grow and definitely keeping Beth and Eric in mind should we want another pup.

From the beginning Beth was happy to answer all of our 1 million questions and is soo knowledgeable about the breed.
She also did a great job of sending out weekly pictures and updates about the pups once they were born until the time they got to go home.

Eric and Beth even drive our pup to the Sacramento airport where I met them and flew home with our new little guy.
Such a fantastic overall experience and we feel like we have made friends for life with them as well!”

Maverick the Giant Schnoodle

“My wife and I can do nothing but highly recommend this breeder. Their puppies are raised and delivered with an extreme amount of love and care.”

Maverick the Giant Schnoodle

“We can’t say enough good things about California Schnoodles! We came to Beth and Eric’s farm for a visit almost 6 months prior to bringing our sweet boy, Buster, home. We wanted to meet the dogs and see if they were a good fit for our family. We immediately fell in love with Schnoodles and felt like Beth and Eric were like family. We were warmly welcomed onto their farm, given a tour, collected eggs, fed the goats, pigs, and cows, and snuggled with dogs…heaven! They are the farthest thing from a puppy mill that you can imagine. The dogs are loved beyond all measure, there are no kennels, and it is very important to Beth and Eric that they go to the right home who will love them just as much as they do.
When Buster finally came home we were AMAZED that he was fully potty trained at only 8 weeks old! He slept through the night on his second night and has never had problems with things like barking, digging, or chewing. He is a sweet, lovable, big doofus who is gentle with our kids and a perfect family dog. I am a teacher and he frequently comes to school with me. He is gentle and sweet with every student and eats up all of their attention! You cannot go wrong with a puppy from California Schnoodles. Not only did we get a wonderful dog from them, but we made two amazing friends in Beth and Eric!”

-Buster the Giant Schnoodle

We are SO grateful that we chose California Schnoodles and Sheepadoodles for our puppy Addison! My husband & I visited Beth & Eric’s small farm and were very impressed by the individual love and care they provide to all of their dogs. We adopted Addison at 8 weeks of age and her socialization skills were far beyond our expectations for such a young puppy. This behavior is a result of the personal care and attention Beth & Eric provide from birth to all the puppies. Our now 10 week old Schnoodle is not only a healthy dog, but was raised by breeders who emphasize the critical importance of having a well-tempered dog. During Addison’s first check-up, our veterinarian was very impressed by not only her health but also her behavior response to others, saying “You’ve got a great dog here!”. Addison has been very easy to housebreak, once again due to the guidance Beth & Eric provide to their puppies from day 1. We greatly appreciated the time Beth & Eric shared with us the first day we visited Addison and we also had an opportunity to meet Addison’s “parents”, both who were exceptionally beautiful & well-tempered dogs. The love Beth & Eric have for their dogs is very apparent and along with sending Addison home with her favorite blanket & toys, they also provided an excellent training book and encouraged us to call if we had any questions and to keep in touch.

We would not hesitate recommending California Schnoodles and Sheepadoodles to anyone!”

-Addison the Giant Schnoodle


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