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California Sheepadoodles

“Raising Giant Schnoodles and Sheepadoodles, ambassadors of love, with hands on care and attention.”
-Beth on the homestead, your loving breeder

“Be prepared to attract attention as wherever you go with your Giant Schnoodle or Sheepadoodle people will stop you to “ohh” and “ahh!

Enjoy our website and let us know if you have any questions!

About us

We are a small hands-on breeder that has been breeding puppies for over ten years and are located 25 miles outside of Sacramento California. We started breeding puppies because we wanted to breed and raise puppies the way we would want a puppy bred and raised for us, with attention to temperament, health and socialization.
At California Schnoodles and Sheepadoodles, we take immense pride in making our top priority your new puppy’s care, health, and socialization by providing them with lots of love and room to play and explore during their critical imprinting period that happens their first 8 to 12 weeks.

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“We are sooo happy with our experience with California Schnoodles and Sheepadoodles! We got one of their first litter of Sheepadoodles and our little girl is adorable. Beth soothed all of our fears of being jipped and defrauded as this was our first time using a breeder, and she answered every single question patiently and with care. They are legit and they really care for their puppies. I cannot recommend them enough.”

-Zoey the Sheepadoodl

“I cant say enough good things about this breed…Beth & Eric were wonderful to work with.We would highly recommend a puppy from them.”

- Leo the Giant Schnoodle

“Beth and Eric are amazing breeders. They are very caring and informative, answering all of our questions during this past year. We highly recommend California Schnoodles and Sheepadoodles.”

- Bandit the Sheepadoodle


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