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Welcome to California Schnoodles, home of the Giant Schnoodle - the latest, hottest, non-shedding dog breed available.

Our puppies are raised as a part of our family until they become a part of yours - and we feel this is extremely important.  They are literally whelped in our home, are loved and cherished from the moment they are born.  We know that this hands on care is critical for the imprinting that happens the first three months of a puppy's life.  We are a family that loves this breed, loves our dogs and puppies, and are excited to share them with people and families that are looking for a pet, a companion, a therapy dog or even handicap assist.  They are extremely smart, have pleaser personalities and are imminently trainable. 

Mama is a purebred Giant Schnauzer with the sweetest temperament. Playful papa is a purebred Standard Poodle and is as smart as a whip. This combination is guaranteed to produce the cutest, best tempered, smartest, non-shedding dog you can find. You will get looks wherever you go with your Schnoodle, but better that that you can feel secure that you have a wonderful family dog, best friend and companion.

And we are so glad that you found our website and found us! We have many families that come to us after researching Labradoodles or Goldendoodles. We won’t speak to these breeds, but what we can tell you is that there is no mystery with our puppy’s coats. We know each puppy will be non-shedding, as both our mama and papa are AKC non-shedding breeds. Families with allergy problems can now enjoy a canine family member worry free.

We are located near Sacramento but are able to ship almost anywhere. 

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